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EOHUB will contribute to achieve smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, through stimulating entrepreneurship and innovation in the field of EOs, fitting within the EU 2020 strategy.It does so by providing a strong partnership between higher education institutions, their research departments, and business, making the knowledge triangle work in a relative new sector with increasing opportunities for research, innovation and economic growth. EOHUB aims to increase the capacity of higher education institutions and business to integrate research results and innovative practice into the educational offer, and to exploit the potential for marketable process, methods and services in the field of BAEOs. Moreover, it helps graduates and PhD students to develop new entrepreneurship activities and marketable services in line with their curricula, which too often remain only at the level of “theoretical applications” and “case studies”.


Carbon Neutral Management of Sport Marinas International Master Modules Programme

INCAMP has been created to promote the anticipation of future skills needs and to enhance the opportunities for cooperation between Higher Education, Vocational Educational Training and industry, providing opportunities for cooperation among stakeholders as well as the exchange and transfer of knowledge to increase know-how.

Innovative training approach in the technology-assisted environment for water management- PARADOX

In Depths

The impacts of climate change on water availability and water quality affect many sectors, including energy production, infrastructure, human health, agriculture, and ecosystems. Staff qualifications, the inability to attract young workers remain one of the crucial points in Europe.

One of the key priorities for Higher Education is the reinforcement of the “Knowledge Triangle”, through the support of innovation, entrepreneurship and university-business cooperation.

About the Project

Our project is a strategic partnership project within the scope of Erasmus + and was supported by the Turkish National Agency. Within the scope of this project, innovative course curriculum and learning materials will be developed on Cloud Computing and IoT.
Our project will be implemented for a period of 2 years (extended 1 year due to the Covid-19 Pandemic). 5 partner institutions, 2 of which are University, 1 Research Center, 1 Chamber of Commerce and Industry and 1 Medium-sized enterprise, participated in our project.
With our project, a printed learning material will be developed on Cloud Computing and IoT, which includes an innovative and EU-standard course curriculum and applications. Our students, who will learn by trying and doing the applications step by step, will be experts in their field with the skills they have acquired at the end of the subject.

The Project

The ECESM project has been designed to enhance overall cyber security posture of the Montenegro (ME) by accelerating the availability of educational and training resources designed to improve the cyber behavior, skills, and knowledge of every segment of the population.

The main project objective is to improve, develop and implement standards, guidelines and procedures at national system levels in ME in order to enable creation of agile and highly skilled forces capable of responding to a dynamic and rapidly developing array of e-threats.

This Tempus project is funded by the European Commission Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (544088-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-SI-TEMPUS-JPHES).


The aim of the “IM-FUTURE” project is to develop the content for an International Masters’ Degree in the furniture sector.